About CIchecked

CIchecked is an online identification verification service developed by Commercial Investigations LLC, a licensed private investigative agency and leading provider of employment and tenant background screening. Users purchase their CIchecked trust mark in a secure checkout and then insert the HTML code provided into their social networking profiles, blogs, web pages, auctions and e-mail signatures. The process takes only a few minutes and your Certified Identification certificate verifies your name, year of birth and city/state of residence.

CIchecked provides users of social networking sites with a means to protect their online presence and prevent imposters. It is easy for someone with bad intentions to duplicate the appearance and pictures of another person. For example, celebrities have had difficulty claiming their online territory because many imposters take their profile names, URLs and domain names. CIchecked offers Certified Identification so users can display their trust mark on their pages to let viewers know they have found a real person who is who they claim to be.

When a visitor sees your CIchecked trust mark, they can click to view your Certified Identification certificate. If the certificate is viewed with a URL beginning with www.cichecked.com, the visitor knows they are on a page controlled by CIchecked. The viewer can see that your name, year of birth and city/state of residence have been verified by Commercial Investigations LLC. Your certificate will display on your selected web page URLs, profile names or e-mail address so that viewers can be confident you have not misrepresented yourself, are a real person and that they have found your "official" page.

CI Checked was created for the purpose of bringing trust and validity to online interactions. By becoming CI Checked, you are adding the certification of a trusted third party to your online presence. By providing credibility to your web pages, blogs, social networking profiles and e-mail signatures, you are able to build online relationships faster by introducing an element of trust and confidence right away.